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What we include in your pet's stay

Dry Pellet Food - We have a selection of Burgess Excel, Supreme Science and Harringtons  for guinea pigs and rabbits. If your pet's food is not listed here then please provide enough dry food to last the duration of their stay as a sudden change in diet can upset their sensitive digestive systems.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - We feed a whole variety of fresh food, kale, sweetcorn, beetroot, cabbage, apples, cucumber, carrots and more! Please do let us know if your pet has a particular favourite and we will do our very best to make sure we have some in!


In the good weather they will also be able to have grass in the outdoor pens.

Unlimited Hay - For rabbits and guinea pigs, hay is an essential part of their diet so they will always have access to fresh, dust free meadow hay.

Bedding - All the hutches are lined with soft lavender wood shavings and have litter trays included for rabbits. 


All prices are per accommodation, per night

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs - £7.50

Tortoises - £6.50 

Degus, Chinchillas & Rats in their own accommodation - £4.00

Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils in their own accommodation - £3.50


Additional Extras

Collection & delivery -  To save you some time when you are going away, we can collect your pet within a 5 mile radius and drop them back when you return for an additional £5 per trip/

Nail Clipping - If you would like your pets nails clipped during their stay then we can provide this for an additional £3.50 per pet (not per foot!) 

"Lovely hutches and friendly service - very impressed"

" Always  nice to know your pets are well looked after when you are away! Loved the photo updates!"

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