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About us.....

Hopsy's House provides small animal boarding in a relaxed and quiet location. 

I have around 30 years of  experience looking after many types of animals and have previously worked in pet shops and veterinary surgeries as well as owning and rescuing plenty of my own animals during this time as I am a bit of a soft touch!

I started Hopsy's House in 2016 and it's so lovely to welcome back our regular boarders as well as meeting new ones. 

Current residents here are, Shelia my rescued Dutch bunny, Boris a mini lop and Sheila's husband, and Linford our Hermann's Tortoise. I also have Kato the Cavachon who just loves to be involved in everything, Jasper & Mila the two cats and Casper my ex racehorse - although he's not in the garden! 

It is so important to me that all the pets who come to stay at Hopsy's House enjoy a relaxed and stress free stay, and you can enjoy your holiday knowing they are getting the very best care while you're away.

There is a variety of housing we can provide for your rabbits or guinea pigs, all providing a clean, light and spacious enclosure, and our deluxe bunny penthouses have adjoining runs for exercise and feeding.

We also offer indoor accommodation for house bunnies and other pets that are used to living indoors in a warmer environment, although in the better weather all of the guinea pigs and rabbits in our indoor accommodation will have access to separate grass runs as well for a large period of the day. 

I do ask that all pets are healthy when they arrive and rabbits are fully up to date with vaccinations and that you bring their card with you when they come to stay or send me a photo.

I am fully insured and registered with a local vet practice who have a 24 hour emergency line and hospital.

We take payment by cash or credit/debit card at time of collection or upon return delivery if this service is requested.

All bookings are subject to a non refundable £10 deposit or 10% whichever is greater to secure your place. 

During school holidays we now take a 50% deposit at the time of booking due to booking being cancelled without any notice in the past. The space is allocated solely to your pet when you book and so it is too late to fill at such short notice

* COVID UPDATE - Please ensure you arrive at your agreed drop off and pick up times to avoid more than one person at Hopsy's House at any one time, which is important during busy summer months.

We prefer doorstep drop off but if you have not visited us before and would like to see our facilities then please do get in touch and we can arrange this. 

“I'm so glad we found Hopsy's House! We can go away and know that our bunnies are having a lovely time too!”

"Victoria looked after our two guinea pigs while we were away for 2 weeks. I's so nice to know they are well looked after in our absence"

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