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When booking with Hopsy's House you are also agreeing to abide by our Terms & Conditions which are set out below

Hopsy's house agree to look after any animal boarding with us exactly as discussed at the time of booking. You will be asked to fill in a Pet Boarding Record at your first visit which forms part of the agreement between us when looking after your pet. 

A 50% non refundable deposit is required to book your space.  If  cancellation of your booking is made up to 4 weeks before your stay then we are happy to use this amount as a deposit on another stay. We allocate a space to your pet when you book and cannot often be filled at the last moment. 

Payment of the remaining balance is due upon collection of your pet.

Any stay longer than 4 weeks will require full payment at the start of the term. 

If you cancel your booking without 24 hours notice, the total balance for the booked stay will still be due within 7 days.

If while your pet is at Hopsy's House they become unwell, you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss how you would like to proceed. Payment will need to be made by yourself to the vets directly and details will be provided. If, however it is considered an emergency, then they will be taken to the vets straight away. Any vets fee due will be paid for by Hopsy's House but will have to be reimbursed by the owner upon their return. You must inform your practice that Hopsy's House is authorised to deal with your pet on your behalf while you are away, otherwise due to GDPR regulations, I will not be able to discuss any treatments etc.

Owners of rabbits boarding with us must be up to date with vaccinations and a copy needs to be shown when booking your pet in via email or text/WhatsApp. If for any reason the vaccination is not correct when dropping your pet off, then we reserve the right to refuse boarding or as an alternative, the rabbit will have to stay in a quarantined area for the duration of the stay. This is to protect our own pets as well as other boarders.



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